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My name is Camilla Marks, I am a midwife, I was born in Italy and I grew up between Italy and England

Since the end of 2012 I live in the Garraf region, in a town near Barcelona, ​​with my family: Fred, my partner, and our girls, Eloïse and Maëlle.

Since I was little, I wanted to be a midwife and work with Doctors Without Borders (MSF), that’s how I started working to carry out my dream.

After graduating as a midwife and having a Masters in tropical medicine in Fundamentals MamaEsencialBarcelona, ​​I started working and traveling with MSF, doing missions in different parts of the world, trying to learn a lot, both from the people, as well as from the cultures of the place, and trying also to contribute and share my knowledge.

From the moment I formed my family and became a mother (Nov. 2011), I decided to temporarily pause my trips and dedicate myself to be a mother, which is already a good job !, alternating with my work as a midwife and aromatherapist

I have always been fascinated by babies and everything around them
So I also decided to take a training course in Infant Massage, in the Spanish Massage Association for Children (AEMI), since then I give talks and workshops, as well as advice

I think traditional medicine is very important, but at the same time, I think it is sometimes used too often. So I have decided to look for other types of alternatives such as homeopathy and essential oils in order to reduce the use of traditional medicine and use it only when it is absolutely essential.

In 2014, I met Young Living, “world leader in essential oils”.

As it has happened to many people around the world, quickly Young Living has become an inspiration for my family, taking advantage of the gifts of nature in our day to day.

As I am passionate about essential oils, I have attended different training courses in Aromatherapy:

Aromatology during pregnancy, delivery and postpartum care, at the eshealth.eu in collaboration with UPC (Universitat Politecnica  de Catalunya Barcelonatach)
Holistic aromatherapy, at the Institute of Integrated Aromatherapy E.S.B. Barcelona, ​​Spain
Modern aromatherapy for pregnant women, mothers and babies, Integrated Aromatherapy Institute E.S.B. Barcelona, ​​Spain

And also i’m folliwing more curses from Dr. Axe.

My experience with essential oils has been so pleasant, that I have been incorporating them into my daily life, both family and professional, and they have already become my great allies.

Currently, I work as a midwife in consultation and private care, and as a child massage teacher IAIM, carrying out different activities in different places (area and province of Barcelona)
At the same time, I am dedicated to relationship marketing, as an independent distributor of Young Living’s essential oils and products.

Services that i offer:

Dilation at home                                                             1.500€

It includes 3 visits during the pregnancy and 3 visits in the post-partum, on-call 24h from the week 37 to the 42 and the accompaniment until arriving at the dilatation phase that previously we have agreed.

In hospital                                                                          1.700€

It includes 3 visits during the pregnancy and 3 in the post-partum, on-call 24 hours from week 37 to 42 and the monitoring of labor: at home and in the hospital that corresponds to you.

Birth at home                                                                      2.200€

It includes 3 visits during the pregnancy and 5 in the post-partum, on-call 24 hours from week 37 to 42 and the full accompaniment of home birth.

Pregnancy, post-partum and lactation consultations

Individual session of  1h                                                           50€

Gift pack of 3 sessions of 1h                                                    135€



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